Apollo Football Booster Club

The Apollo Football Booster Club is an association of parents, relatives and friends whose common goal is to support and encourage our players on and off the football field. As a club, we manage such events as Eagle Youth Football, the year end banquet and varsity game activities. Through membership dues, as well as fundraisers, the club operates to fund additional coaches, transportation and equipment not funded by the school district.

Through participation in sports, our athletes are receiving some of life’s most important lessons, such as self-discipline, courage, victory and defeat. They are building physical and emotional strength and are learning to push their limits. But most importantly, the athletes are learning they can achieve high goals through teamwork. With teamwork, we can also be more effective as a booster club. We invite each of you to join the booster club and get involved. Become a part of supporting and encouraging not just your player, but all players. We look forward to seeing everyone out on the gridiron this fall. We would like to invite all parents of children playing youth through high school to become part of the booster family.

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